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Hey there!

Halloo.. my name is Arifa, half vegetarian and half a sagittarian. thank you for coming to my site. This is not actually full of my life story but I’m a good listener and Their always tells them stories to me, so I want to write every story of them here. People who come and go in my life. People who gives me a lot of inspiration, who gives me a motivation, and emotion, to finish this story. It’s about life, love and adventure of life. Enjoyed guys!

This story can make you feeling so blue like the ocean. Beautiful but blue.

From the blog

    Disini ada beberapa cerita pendek yang akan di upload setiap senin 👇🏻👌🏻

    About Me

    Hi, as u know. I’m Arifa. I’m a worker 26yo with a biggest dream. Hope u can help me to reach my dreams very quickly!